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Ecuador travel Azuay food

Azuay dishes

Cuenca (capital city)

  • Mote Pillo: Cooked Hominy corn pealed and mixed in with eggs, onions and salt
  • Tamales colorados: Corn flour is mixed with spinal broth, it is hand prepared with lard and is colored with eggs. The filling is made up of pork meet and/or chicken
  • Mote-pata: Pork hooves in soup with hominy.
  • Caldo de Patas: Cow hoof soup with hominy and peanuts
  • Lengua de res: Cow tongue in pumpkin seed sauce
  • Pernil ahumado: Smoked pork chops


  • White corn porrage with tortillas: the white corn porrage is cooked in water with sweet spices like ishpingo, star anissette, ginger and sweet cloves. You add milk and white flour to add texture. Served with tortillas made of corn or wheat flour, baked in a clay caldron with pork lard.


  • Fried Trout: Smoked, salmoned or cebiche (cocktail).


  • Yaguana: Babaco sweet and pineapple mixed with starch from the achira plant and condimented with spices. Also includes orange and naranjilla juices for added flavour.


  • Drake: Cinamon drink with sugarcane liquor and ataco for coloring
  • Chicha huevona: Corn beer with sugar cane syrup, ishpingo and eggs
  • Quemado: Sugar cane liquor, flambee
  • Zhumir: Local sugar cane liquor
  • Rosero: Non-alcoholic drink made from grinded corn, fruit and sweet spices.

Main Offices Address: Av. Rumiñahui 221 y 1ra Transversal, San Rafael                                                                                         Quito - Ecuador