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Bolivar Food



Cariucho: Potatoes cooked with sambo's sauce of seeds and red pepper, served with lettuce and Guinea pig or roasted meat.

corn tamales: Made with cornmeal, boiling water, eggs and pig's lard, rellanan with cheese and annatto tree. They get cooked swiftly, and are wrapped in sheet of canna.

Christmas's Fritters: Made with cornmeal, eggs, lard, lemon, anise and drink. They are then covered with panela's honey.

Chihuiles: cooked- cornmeal little breads, cheese falsies and wrapped in corn leaves. They are then warmed up in hot oil.

Sambo: A good smelling candy made in a large frying pan with mandarin oranges, cinnamon, hierbaluisa, nail and vanilla.


Timbushca: A soup that comes from potatos with cabbage and lamb's guts.


Bread and turnovers: cheese falsies and condumio.


Ayampaco in barbecue: Sweat in cane guadúa and little golds buns.


Blue bird: Drink of cane with leaves of tangerine and other spicery. Of Echeandía, Caluma and The Ships.

hen's broth: Drink of sugar cane, the one that  is added odds and ends of hen, the banana sedates, smashed anise and essence of vanilla during the last distillation. It belongs to Facundo Vela traditional.


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