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Ecuador travel central Andes mountain range

The Central Andes


The central Sierra is characterized for the imposing volcanos that form part of the two mountain ranges; Toward the occcidente: Ilinizas, Yanaurcu, Carihuairazo and Chimborazo. At the Oriental mountain range: Cotopaxi, Quilindaña, Cerro Hermoso, Tungurahau ( activate volcano with impressive smoke clouds ), Altar and Sangay, Another spectacularly active volcano. Among these two branches, the valleys come from pleasant climate and fertile ground thanks to the volcanic ashes. They have been towns and grown from times pre Inca. You can find indigenous communities of rich culture, like the Salasacas. The mountain range's foothills so much toward the Occident like toward the Orient the mountains and cloudy jungles show various parámos's ecosystems, forests. An example of this great riches constitutes the National Sangay Park, humanity's declared Patrimony Natural for the UNESCO in 1983. Besides the Mountain Range of the Llanganates and its mysterious story of the hidden treasure of Atahualpa, from where many have not returned .

Latacunga, capital of the Prov of Cotopaxi, a city that comes from colonial inheritance with the churches that they made, plazas, patios and back streets that Patrimonio Cultural of the Ecuador declared itself in 1982. Saquisili and Pujili are famous for the craft fairs and Tigua for the indigenous paints of style naive that are sold all over the world. Close to Tigua is found the Quilotoa's crater, beautiful active volcanic, turquoise waters lagoon.

Ambato, capital of the Prov of Tungurahua, this is a modern city, reconstructed several times after earthquakes. It has grown rapidly thanks to the industry and the commerce. Acquaintances also like the cradle of the three Juans: Juan Montalvo, Juan León Mera and Juan Benigno Vela, men of letters and go-getters that contributed to the story and culture of the Ecuador of substantial manner. Farmsteads or Montalvo's, Mera's and Luis's draftees find themselves in Ambato A. Martinez and the cultural center The Liria that they merit being visited by its significant history and the beauty of its gardens. The Botanical Gardens Esparto Grass The Liria has 14 there is and has over 200 species of plants.

Pelileo's and Quisapincha's populations are known by its textile and leathern industries, which turns them into a tourist attraction, as well as Salasaca's fair of handicrafts on Saturdays. Patate's valley is productive of fruits and enjoy a volcano's spectacular sight Tungurahua and the formidable fumaroles. The nighttime sight of eruptions is particularly impressive. Toward the Orient you find Baños's picturesque city, with his hot springs and thousand further activities, one of the places of bigger tourism of the country.

Chimborazo's capital, Riobamba, was the first city founded by the Spaniards in Ecuador; Preserves its colonial riches, specially at Arte Religioso's Museum of the Conception's Convent. Guano's, Guam's and Cajabamba's populations are famous for their handicrafts and markets. The church of The diabolic Nose, at the railroad among Aluasí and Chunchi is an impressive work of engineering and a great tourist attraction. Ozogoche's suicidal birds are a scientific mystery elucidated and a unequaled spectacle.

Guaranda is the capital of Bolívar's Prov. It is a little and traditional city, surrounded by seven hills. The Saint Sudario's museum is in Chimbo and the Huayco's Virgin is venerated. In San Miguel exists the Sanctuary of Lourdes's Virgin and the Caverns of the Guardsmen of great tourist attraction,. Besides, close to Guaranda he finds Salt Mines of Bolívar, famous town for his landscapes and for the production of cheeses, chocolates and another delights of international fame.

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