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Ecuador travel Central Andes festivals

Principle Fiestas

Corpus Cristi

Is celebrated in all of the Sierra, especially in the provinces of Cotopaxi, Tungurahua, and Chimborazo. The most colorful and famous dancers are from Salcedo, Saquisili and Latagunga.

La Mama Negra

In Latacunga usually in September, however is supposed to be celebrated in the month of November. There are dances, Disguised dancers, wooden carving contests, etc. The exact dates will normally fall on the weekends.

Corso de las Flores y de Alegria

This is in the first week in the year in Ambato, There are parades, train cars you can ride aruond the streets, folklore music, dancers, etc. This festival is a special one held in preparation for  the Carnival of Ambato or the Festival of Fruits and Flowers.

Niño Rey de Reyes

held the first week of the year in Riobamba, coinciding with the  Fiesta de Reyes ( Party of Kings) on the 6th of  January. There are prossecions, parades, masked dancers, etc.


Is particularly important in Ambato and Guaranda. It is also known as the Fiesta of as the Festival of Fruits and Flowers, in Ambato, it is celebrated with dances , parades and cultural activities. In Guaranda it is celebrated with street cars, parades, music on every single corner, alot of food and a lot to drink. Also expect to get hit, soaked and covered with flour, water, and eggs. What a way to celebrate!

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