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Ecuador travel Central Andes food

Central Andes Food

The typical plateful is the one with the chugchucaras in Latacunga; pork with chicarrones, fried bananas, turnovers, misnomer, roasting and potatos, accompanied with beer. Also the allulas with cheese of sheet and the washing of cornstarch with calabur tree.

In Salcedo the ice creams are famous and the pinole. In Ambato the llapingachos with sausage and fried egg on the market central. In Mocha and Pelileo the Guinea pigs, like drinks are typical the canelazos and the refreshing juice of cane and another sweets.

In Chimborazo he can taste the hornados and the little half-breed guaneñas. In Bolivar Salinas's cheeses are famous and the liquors like the blue bird and also the cado of hen, the fry, the sweet hornado, the half-cooked food, the banana buns and the turnovers.


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