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Ecuador travel central coast beaches

Ecuador central lowlands

Facing the Ecuadorian central coast is the cold Humboldt Stream coming from the Antarctic that finds the hot El Niño Stream. Both provide the province of Manabi with special weather and vegetation characteristics. Besides, the Coastal Cordillera determines diverse ecosystems that range from the dry tropical forest to a wet forest with constant drizzles.

The central and southern Coasts have a wet and a dry season, which gives place to deciduas vegetation (trees loose their foliage during the dry season) and even xerophytic vegetation (dry), with cactus and other spiny species.

Some of the finest beaches of Ecuador are found in the Central coast, there is great cuisine to be enjoyed and the famous Montubio culture stives. There are swamplands that allow for great birdwatching. You can also visit artisan villages in search of straw hats.

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