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Ecuador travel Chimborazo food

Chimborazo Food



 Hornado of the pig of market of Mercy

morocho's turnovers: They make with morocho's flour or ground and cooked morocho, amassed with water boiling and lard. The mass must become thin and resistant. They fill up with onion, garlic, green peas and chicken, next, they fry in boiling oil.

caucara's soup: made with the beef of cattle's ribs, it gets cooked with mote and is served with lettuce.

Little half-breed guaneñas: cornmeal little breads with lard of pig, eggs, sugar and salt, black flour  and brown sugar, baked in a firewood oven. Also they can be filled with cheese.

Small roe: chica of jora, sugar, scrambled eggs and liquor.

Tortillas of stone:  Made of cornmeal, roasted on stone.


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