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Ecuador travel Cotopaxi food

Cotopaxi Food



Chugchucaras: In a large frying pan the pork meat cut into cubes and boiled. it is then dried off and seasoned, next the beef is fried in butter; In that same butter they fry the turnovers made with cornmeals and wheat, eggs and lard, filled with cheese and topped with sugar. You are then served the beef, the turnovers, misnomer cooked with cracklings, french fries, popcorn, canguil and mature fried bananas. Allullas with cheese: Cookies made with pig's lard.

Willow grove:

Ice creams of several painted color capes, made with fruit juice, milk and cream. Pinole: Made with flour of barley ground, with brown sugar and spicery.


Blood sausages: pig's innards stuffed with cabbage, rice, raisins, cracklings, blite and spicery, that they get cooked for largo while. Comes with a serving with llapingachos.


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