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Ecuador travel Cuenca

Tourism in Cuenca

Cuenca was declared by the UNESCO a world heritage site due to its rich architecture and cultural traditions. In the area you will find a great variety of high quality artisan work, like wooven chals, straw hats, gold and silver jewelry, amongst others. It is also considered one of the most important intellectual centers of the country. The maint tourist attractions of the city are:

  • The cathedral of immaculate conception. (Benigno Malo & Sucre)
  • El Sagrario church or Old Cathedral. (Luis Cordero & Sucre)
  • Convent and church of El Carmen of the Rising. (Sucre & Padre Aguirre)
  • Church and convent of the Conceptas (Presidente Cordova & Presidente Borrero)
  • Church of all saints (Calle larga & Bajada de Todos los Santos)
  • Santo Domingo church (P. Aguirre & Gran Colombia)
  • San Alfonso church (Av. Simon Boliva & Presidente Borrero)
  • San Francisco church (P. Aguirre & Presidente Cordova)
  • San Sebastian church (Coronel Talbot & Simon Bolivar)
  • San Blas church (Av. Manuel Vega)
  • Maria Auxiliadora church (Av. Vega Munoz, between General Torres and P. Aguirre)
  • Abdon Calderon park
  • El Carmen plaza
  • Sangurima plaza (arts and crafts sales)


  • Modern art museum (Sucre & Coronel Talbot). Monday - Friday from 8h30-18h30, Sat & Sun. from 9h00-13h00. Phone: 2831027.
  • Central Bank museum and Pumapungo ruins (Calle larga & Huayna Capac. Mon-Fri. 9h00-16h00, Sat. 9h00-13h00. Phone: 2831255
  • Conceptas museum (Hermano Miguel between Presidente Cordova & Juan Jaramillo. Mon-Fri. 9h00-17h30., Sat. & holidays from 10h00-13h00
  • Museum of the Ecuadorian house of culture "Manuel Augustin Landivar" (Calle Larga & Manuel Vega). Phone: 0728111531. From 8h00-12h00 & 14h00-18h00.
  • Remigio Crespo Toral museum (Calle Larga & Borrero). Mon-Fri 8h30-13h00 & 15h00-18h30, Sat. from 10h00-13h00.
  • Ingigenous cultures museum (Calle Larga & P. Antonio Borrero). Mon-Fri 8h30-18h30, Sat. from 8h30-14h30. Phone: 2839191
  • CIDAP museum of Popular Arts (Hermano Miguel & La Escalina) Mon-Fri 9h30-18h00, Sat.9h00-13h00.

Main Offices Address: Av. Rumiñahui 221 y 1ra Transversal, San Rafael                                                                                         Quito - Ecuador