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Re: What type of food is typical in Ecuador?

In Quito I recommend going to the Restaurant La Estela, it is located on Av. Eloy Alfaro between Catalina Aldaz and Portugal, here you can enjoy typical Ecuadorian food such as Potato soup (Locro de Papas), Turnovers (Empanadas de Morocho, de Mejido and de viento), Hornado (Roasted pork). There are several other restaurants that can allow you to enjoy these delicacies: Lo Nuestro, La Choza.

In the Amazon you have many exotic dishes, and may be too exótic, the main ingredient for typical dishes is mandioc and river fish covered in exotic leaves and steamed.

The Galapagos has great seafood, you can enjoy the catch of the day and easily enjoy lobster, grouper and other delicacies. Ecuador has a great ceviche recipe and this can be found in the Islands as well. There are several good restaurants in Puerto Ayora, one of my favourites is The Rock.

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