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Ecuador travel El Oro ecotourism

Ecotourism in El Oro

In El Oro, you will find impressive valleys formed by the Andes, like the Jubones River Valley, and enchanted subtropical spots in the outskirts of Zaruma, Portovelo, and Piñas. Besides being a national heritage due to its picturesque architecture that goes back to the time of its famous gold mines, Zaruma has the best highland coffee in the country. In the 80’s, scientists discovered a new bird species in the high cloudy forests of the Chilla spurs, the El Oro parakeet (Pyrrhura orcesi), endemic to Ecuador.
To complete this large diversity, one of the most important paleontologic site in America is situated in the southern tip of El Oro – the Puyango Petrified Forest with gigantic samples of fossilized trees from other times, all surrounded by interesting dry tropical vegetation where you will see the spectacular blue morpho butterfly (Morpho peleides.)

Archipelago de Jambeli

A form of various Islands and Intricate natural canals, counting the beaches and the magnifecent mangroves, this is a good place to observe all types of wildlife. Visit the Isla de Amor.Directions: Go from Peurto Bolivar in boat to the estero of Santa rosa.The Isla de Amor is located 10 minutes from Peurto Bolivar. Visit also the Archipelago from Peurto Jeli and Peurto Pitahaya, to the south which is recommended for bird watching.

Bosque Protector de Molleturo - Mullopongo

Protected woods at the edge of the mountains, Beautiful countryside, waterfalls, etc. On some days the sky is clear and the view reaches all the way to the sea. Important species exist there like the rare and endangered Perequito de El Oro. You get there by various routes.Directions: North form the Troncal to Mantareal (community tourism). From Cuenca passed the P.N. From Cajas after Molleturo. Oeste: from Puerto Inca after Molleturo.

Balneario La Cocha:

Tourist and bath complex near the Rio Jubones. How to get there: Its located near to the population of Casacay , about 12 Km. to the east of Cuenca.  

Bosque Petrificado de Puyango

This wood covers about 3000 Km. From here you can observe the Gigantic Petrified Tree Trunks that can reach to a meter and a half in diameter and that lies impotent in the ground. This is a very interesting zone for watching butterflies and birds. Directions: From El Oro, towards the south about 77 Km. soon to take the deflection towards Puyango towards the east. There are visitors guides.

Reserva Ecologica Arenillas

This Dry Tropical Forest Reserve is in very good state. It's one of the best dry forests in all of South America. the reserve has a count of 17,000 Km.and is handled by the exersize of Ecuador. Created like a Military Reserve, it now includes an ecological preservation, which was made from the exellent initiative of the Ministery of Defense. It even contains Mangroves in the costal zone. Directions: It is a wide band to the north of the sea and to the south of the Peruvian Border.

Reserva Beunaventura

This is a 1,500 Km. Reserve in the Municiple of the Pinas, cared for by the Foundation of Jocotoco, this is the area of the Periquito de El Oro, ( Pyrrhura orcesi). A specie discovered at the end of the 80's and is endimic to Ecuador, in addition, there is a great diversity of different birds that reside he in these cloudy woods. For more information, Contact the office of the Ministery of Ambiente #(593) (07) 297-6860 or contact the office of Jatun Sacha Y Fundacion Jocotoco In Quito # (593) (02) 2- 245-3583


An archeological site of the Cañari culture, The site strategically placed in the top of the mountain range of Dumari. This site includes several different natural slopes and a lagoon, thay call this Baños del Inca. Directions: From Piñas or Portovelo take the route to Paccha and afterwards 2 or 3 hours in a way becoming of the third order. Inquire locally, there are camping facilities here.

Orquideario de Piñas

This is a park handled by the Fundacion Piñas Oasis Ecologico, this is a place where you can appreciate a wide variety of  orchids and bromelias, also including other blant types and birds. For tour guides contact # (593) (07) 297-6246 or (593) (07) 297-6173

Pata Grande o Cerro de Cristo

Interesting footpaths guided through cloudy forests close to the city of Piñas.

Zaruma y Alrededores

For the beautiful  urban arcitecture Zaruma is a patrimonious culture of Ecuador. The cafes, where you can find the best coffee in the country are found here, and are very interesting. The enviroment of this city represents how colorful this country really is. Ask about the ruins of Huaquichuma, The Gemelas waterfalls, and the waterfalls of Pinglio.

Aguas Calientes

There are thermal waters located 6 Km. from Portavelo.

Main Offices Address: Av. Rumiñahui 221 y 1ra Transversal, San Rafael                                                                                         Quito - Ecuador