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Ecuador travel El Oro Food

El Oro Food

There are many culinary specialities of this province, they have the cochas asadas traides directly from the mangroves of the Archipelago of Jabmeli. Also there are exquisite ceviches of all kinds like shrimp,lobster, fish, etc.There are some traditional soups like the sanconcho costeño. Go to popular retaurants to request chicarrones. The menestras are prepared with the same care as they put into everything else, making them become the best ones in the coast, not to forget thier very recognized tigrillo.

Conchas Asadas
are the delicious favorite of the province, they brush wash the shells and then put them in boiling water so that the shells will open and later are cooked on coals for 5 minutes. they are drizzeled with lemon and are served with patacones, onins and rice.

Arroz con Cocha o Melosa
This is prepared with the juice of the shells and is cooked with alot of red onions.

Cazuela de verde con Pescado o Camarons
 Different layers of platano greens with fish or shrimp, cooked covered. It makes a very affluent casserole.

Sopa Marina
delicious, contains different types of seafood, and is all mixed together into a soup with flavorful herbs.

Sudado de Pescado, Camaron o concha
Cooked with refrito inside a tender cane of guadua, covered, and then placed on a fire grill.

Tigrillo o Majado
Green bananas crushed and cooked, to which beaten eggs are added, refried with melted cheese.

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