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Ecuador travel Esmeraldas beaches

Esmeraldas and its beaches

The beaches of Esmeraldas are the closest to Quito (please see Pedernales, province of Manabi as well.) You will make an average of 5 – 5 ½ hours, according to where you decide to go. The northern road north to Quito, the Calacali-La Independencia Road will take you to Esmeraldas in much less time.
I. Description of the beaches (north to south)
San Pedro and El Cauchal Beaches:
These are beautiful beaches of one of the largest islands of the Cayapas and Mataje river estuary. Spectacular landscape. How to get there: It is accessible only by boat from San Lorenzo or Limones (Valdez.) From San Lorenzo you will make about one hour and a little more from Limones. You can take a boat at the San Lorenzo dock. Boat service: (593-6) 278 0101. San Lorenzo – San Pedro trip: $3.00.
Beaches between La Tola and Esmeraldas:
In general, the beaches in this area are large and sandy. They are long beaches with dark but bright volcanic and sedimentary sand. There are several beach sites like Las Peñas, Rocafuerte, and Rio Verde. Closer to the city of Esmeraldas y Camarones, located 11 km (7 miles) north of the Tachina Airport.
Beaches between Esmeraldas and Tonchigue:
These are the province’s best known beaches. Most have all tourist services, including lots of night fun (bars, discotheques), excellent restaurants, hotels, water sports, and whale-watching from July to September. The most renowned beaches are: Tonsupa, Castelnuovo, Atacames, Súa, Same, and Tonchigüe.
The Island of Birds and the Love Cave:
This is an interesting boat-tour 11 km (7 miles) south-west from Sua Beach, around 10 minutes. You will see tropical marine birds and interesting rock formations, such as the Love Cave.
Playa Escondida and Cumilinche:
Located between Tonchigue and Punta Galera (dirt road). Around 100 Ha (250 acres) shelter marine birds and wet and semi-wet tropical forest birds, including several parrot species. It is also the home of many fauna species. This area has quite particular rock formations with tunnels and canals formed by the tide. How to get there: Take the Coastal Road from Tonchigue to Punta Galera; you pass Cumilinche and 14 km (9 miles) ahead is the entrance to Playa Escondida. Camping possibilities. Contact: (593-6) 273-3106.
Beaches between Punta Galera and Cabo San Francisco:
These beaches are less visited; they are extremely beautiful and are full of cliffs that form caves, arches, and tunnels. You must take the dirt road from Tonchigue. Punta Galera has lodges and inns (please see hotel chapter.) Traveling inland you will see tropical wet and semi-wet forest remnants and reserves with lots of wildlife. The best beaches are Punta Galera, Tongora, Tongorachi, Cabo San Francisco, and Bunche, south of the cape.
Beaches in the zone of Muisne and Las Manchas Beach:
Muise is an island with beautiful beaches. You will also see El Congal Biological Station and its island (please see text below), Isla Bonita and the Island of the Birds. How to get there: To get to Muisne you must take the road up to the dock, and there you cross to the island by boat – 17 km (10 miles) from the main route, El Salto.  To get to Las Manchas Beach you must take the boat from Muisne (approximately 1 hour.)
Mompiche Beaches:
These are beautiful white-sand beaches where tourism is developing progressively. Tourism in this area is mainly ecological. You will find country-like lodges with excellent services (please see hotel chapter.) Mompiche is perfect for resting and relaxing. How to get there: You take a non-paved branch out from the main road about 35 km (21 miles) from El Salto (follow the signs.)

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