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Coast, Andes, Amazonas, Galapagos

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Ecuador travel Guayaquil day tours

Day trips from Guayaquil

25 trips lasting one day from Guayaquil
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To the Coast:
Cerro Blanco Protected Forest; Puerto Hondo; Lake Park, Playas (Grl. Villamil) and El Morro areas; La Glorai Farm; Los Amantes de Sumpa and San Vicente Springs; Real Alto Museum; Santa Elena Peninsula (Salinas, Mar Bravo, Punca Carnero, Ecuasal, Ballenita); Colonvhe and Valdivia (Sun Route); Chongon-Colonche Cordillera.
To the north:
Tierra Viva Farm and Complejo Garza Rojo; El Pantanal Zoo, and Capeira Lake; Abras de Mantequilla (province of Los Rios, north of Babahoyo); Cacao Route, north area (Hacienda La Danesa, km 63 on the road to Quevedo.)
To the east:
Historic Park; Cacao Route, east sector; Hacienda La Victoria, km 18 on the road to Bucay and Hacienda La Pastora, km 87 on the road to Bucay; Montalvo Beaches (province of Los Rios, 32 km, 20 miles, east of Babahoyo, on the road to Guaranda); Ecopalltur Botanic Garden, between Bucay and Pallatanga.
To the south:
Santay Island; Manglares-Churute Ecological Reserve; Hayas Hill-Molleturo Cordillera; Cacao Route, south sector: Hacienda Cañas, km 70 on the road to Puerto Inca; San Jacinto Ranch, km 98 on the road to Machala; Jambeli zoo and hacienda, km 101 on the road to Machala.

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