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Ecuador travel Guayas festivals


Fiestas in July:

The Founding of Guayaquil and Memorial of Bolivar /Fundacion de Guayquil y Natalicio de Bolivar
These both take place on the 24 and the 25 of July. There are plays, traditional dances,, and many other parellel events including, art shows and expositions, theater, etc.

Fiestas of October:

Independence of Guayquil /Independencia de Guayaquil
This is on the 9th of October. popular parties,dancing, fireworks,similar art events featuring the artists picks,etc. Also is the celebration of the discovery of America on the 12th of October.

The International Expo of Duran / La Feria Internacional de Duran
this is one of the most important Expositions in South America. In this event, various countries from all over the region take this chance to expose their products to the market. You will see acts of all kinds.

Other Festivities

Cristo Pescador / Fishings of Christ
These are held in the middle of July, you will see saltmines, and proccesions by the sea, you will also see many beautifully decorated ship in the water along with lots of bands, music, etc. You should check on the exact dates of these festivities before you go since sometimes you might find that the proccesions by the sea will coincide with the weekends.

Fiestas de/of San Jacinto
These are held in Yaguachi, from the 14th of August to the 16th. There are religious parades, typical ecuadorian food, and fireworks. Note: The dates can be ajusted to the weekend or as close as possible to the weekend.

Fiestas of Montubia and the Day of the Race / Fiestas de Montubia y Dia de la Raza
This is on the 12th of October. There are parties all over the province in different locations of the Guayas. Also is held the beauty contest,  Election of the Pretty Criole / Elecion de Criolla Bonita. also this day are plays, music,concerts, and chicken fights, etc.

 Day of the Dead /Finados
These are multitudinal celebrations of colors, flowers, proccesions,etc. celebrated in the majority of enclosers, residency's and populations.

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