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Guayas Food

The province of Guayquil is rich in culinary traditiones, among them they prepare foods that you just cant miss, wich include seafood dishes prepared ecuadorian style of all kinds. The same goes for their different  dishes like rice with seafood /arroz con mariscos and their seafood casseroles /cazuela con mariscos. Not only the food of the sea is present but also the delicious roasted beefs / carnes asadas with menestra. Whoever likes soups will not be able to afford to miss the opportunity to taste the rich and consistent soup, Caldo de manguera, which is a soup of varied visceras.

Sango de Verde:  this is either with shrimp or peanuts and corn

Menestras: a dish with lentils, rice, and roasted beef, served with roasted green platano

Cazuela de verde con pescado: a green casserole with alternate layers of fish

Chupe de Pescado: a soup generally made with fish heads, made with potatoes, peas, peanuts, milk, garlic, tomatoes, and other condiments

Guatita: visceras of cow stomach, seasoned with peanuts, hierbs,and hard boiled eggs. served with potatoes

Empanadas de Verde: empanadas with green sauce made with butter, stuffed with meat, or with cheese, onions, and other condiments you might like.

Muchines de yuca: yuca rolls roasted in sheets of bijao

Quaker con Naranjilla: a drink made with oats and tangerines with special sweeteners, generally served cold

Seco de Chivo: a specialty of Zapotal, with garlic, pepper,aji, herbs, aciete ,etc. served with yellow rice and maduro

Cangrejos y Fritada: this is a flavorful specialty of Duran

Sancocho de Pescado Apanado: tipically from the Salinas, its much like other marrinated raw fish dishes, and you can also get squid of all kinds

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