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Ecuador travel Loja food

Loja dishes

  • Repe: Green plantain soup, milk, sweet cheese and cilantro
  • Cecina: Beef, pork or lamb cut in fine strips, it is condimented and sun dried or smoked. Several days. Then it is grilled or roasted. Served with mote, yuca, been stew and rice.
  • Yuca tamal: Raw yuca grinded and mixed with sugarcane syrup and ginger, cooked within a plantain leaf.
  • Tamal lojano: Made from mote and filled with pork, wrapped in achira leaves and steam cooked
  • Pepián: A mix of pea and corn flour, boiled in water, mixed with cheese and stirfried onions.
  • Menestra de sarandajas: A grain similar to chocho (only found in Ecuador) o white beens, soaked in water for several days later is cooked with stirfried onions, cheese and cilantro
  • Pernil lojano: Pork leg seasoned for two days and baked in a brick oven.
  • Molloco: Green plantain cooked and mixed with peanuts, toasted corn, onion and salt, fried with pork rind.
  • Emborrajados de patas de chancho: Pork hoof cooked and battered in egg and wheat flour, deep fried and served with peanut and egg sauce
  • Bollos: Whole wheat bread baked with pork lard and sugarcane syrup.
  • Horse steak: As it says horse meat.


  • Horchata: Herbal tea, several herbs and flowers with lemon drops and sugarcane syrup


  • Roscones de viento: Scones made from achira flour, with peanuts.
  • Quesadillas lojanas: Small cakes made with achira flour, eggs and pork lard, filled with cheese, butter, sugar and corn starch.

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