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Ecuador travel Los Rios ecotourism

Ecotourism venues

Palenque River Station: This is an agricultural and biological experiment station where they grow different products from the Coast using alternative techniques. It also has a remnant of the tropical forest with a large variety of birds, such as the spectacular blue-crowned motmot or rufous motmot and the astonishing western white-tailed trogon (Trogon chionurus.) How to get there: In the town of Patricia Plilar, north of the province of Los Rios and 25 minutes south of Santo Domingo de Los Colorados, there is an entrance label. Where to stay: The Rio Palenque Hotel is quite cozy. Reservations from Quito, phone No. (593-2) 223-2468; from Guayaquil (593-4) 220-8680.
La Mana, miraculous waters and 7 waterfalls: Please see the chapter on Central Sierra.
Agro-tourism in the Mocache Zone: This zone is south of the city of Quevedo, around La Evidencia Ranch and San Marcos Hacienda; you will find tilapia fishing, cow-milking, horseback riding, cycling. For more information, please contact phone No. (593-5) 294-7192.
Pedro Franco Davila Biological Station, Jauneche: This station, located in the Jauneche Community, is administered by the University of Guayaquil for biological investigation. It owns one of the last remnants of the zone’s forest. How to get there: Jauneche is a few miles from the town of Palenque, on the road to Mochache (south of Quevedo.)
Abras de Mantequilla: These 22 500 Ha of natural lakes and wetlands (awarded an international RAMSAR wetland status) and is excellent for water bird-watching. It has three large lakes: Abras  Central, Abras de Manpasillo y Abras de Mantequilla. How to get there: The lakes are located between Pueblo Viejo and Vinces, on the way to Bejucal Island, to the south. You can also get to the lakes by several third-level roads. Ask the local people.

Montalvo beaches, resorts, and waterfalls: The region of MOntalvo is located on the foot of the cordillera, around 32 km (20 miles) east of Babahoyo, on the road to Guaranda. You will find river resorts and waterfalls. This region has the most unbelievable fruits, such as the biggest tangerines and excellent oranges! The Andean wet vegetation shelters interesting bird species.

Ecotourism in Los Rios

To the inlands, mainly in the province of Los Rios, you will see some remnants of the semi-wet tropical forest, especially at the foot of the Andean mountain. Most of the Central Coast has African palm, banana, cacao, coffee, tropical fruit plantations, and pastures for cattle. There are also teak plantations for wood exploitation, which is a tree imported from tropical Asia that grows fast. You will find samples of the ancient forest of the province of Los Rios at the Rio Palenque Station, in Patricia Pilar (to the north), and the Pedro Franco Dávila Biological Station.
Suggestions: Although the incidence of malaria and dengue is not high, we recommend you use insect repelling lotion and a net during the night in the rainy season (January through June.)

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