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Los Rios Gastronomy

This Coast province’s cuisine is based on local products – green bananas, cassava, and freshwater fish. It also has lots of Asian influence, especially from China, so you will find lots of Chinese restaurants in cities like Quevedo, Milagro, and Babahoyo.
Read sea catfish-head soup: This soup is made onions, green bananas, cassava, beans, spices and, of course, red sea catfish.
Green-banana Bolon: This is a large ball of cooked or grilled green bananas, butter, cheese, pork rinds or peanut.
Ayampaco: This dish is made with grated green bananas, peanuts, onions, chilli, and herbs topped with any fish (porgy, spotted pike-charracin, black prochilodus, or another fish); all this is wrapped in a banana or bijao leaf and then it is grilled or baked.
Fish Sudado: This fish is cooked inside a young guagua cane, it is covered and grilled slowly.
Bollos: These are muffin-like rolls made of grated ripe plantain, butter, vanilla, fresh cheese, and raisins, wrapped in a banana leaf and baked.
Grosella compote: While in Europe, grosellas are ‘red currants’; in Ecuador it is a very sour local gooseberry-type fruit, which they cook with sugar and sweet spices.

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