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Ecuador travel Manabi ecotourism

Ecotourism in Manabi

The main ecotouristic attraction is the Machalilla National Park (please see next chapter) where you will find varied ecosystems – from tropical dry bush with cactaceous, on the coast border, to wet forest fed by drizzles in the high parts of the Coast Cordillera, and you will pass by different types of dry tropical forest, mainly composed by the spectacular and twisted ceibo trees (Ceiba trichistandra) from which people harvest the famous ceibo wool. The dry tropical forest has very varied fauna and flora. Birds are easy to see. During the first year half of the year (rainy season), the forest is surprisingly green. During the dry season, the ceibo and other trees loose their leaves. The Coast’s wonderful guaiacum (Cochleospermum vitifolium) flourishes in full with yellow colors that are worthwhile seeing.

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