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Ecuador travel Quito food

Quito's Food


In Quito and its outskirts the typical food you eat is varied by its people and his ecosystems. The locros with hide and avocado are specialty in Guayallabamba. In Cayambe the sponge cakes with cheese. In Sangolqui and the Tingo the hornados. Besides, in Quito and all towns no missing pork with mote, the corn on the cobs with cheese, llapingachos with sausage, tamales, humitas, or choclotandas and the famous fanesca, fabulous soup of grains prepared for the Holy Week. For Finados 2 of November the delicious dark purple juice, with corn, prepares mortiño and a lot of fruit. In Sainto Domingo of the Colorados the broths of hose are famous.

Cayambe: Bizcochos with cheese

Guayllabamba: Locro a potatoe soup with milk and cheese seasoned with onions and achiote. It comes with pork avocados and cheese. The dessert chirimoyas is produced in this area.

El Quinche: Yaguarlocro locro thats made with fried lamb

Quito: more traditional foods like fritadas de cerdo with potatoe tortillas you can eat tamales of corn flour quimbolitos de semola and humitas or choclotandas, that are steamed in corn leaves. A huge variety of soups like caldo de patas, sopa de quinua, locro, arroz de cebada, sancocho. Do not forget to try the higos con queso, dulce de babaco, melbas, moncaibas, suspiros, aplanchados, colaciones, quesadillas, and other tradicional sweets. In SAngolqui and El Tingo are famous for the hornados.

Norroccidente: Palmito in cebiches or salads.



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