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Ecuador travel south Andes mountain range

South Andes


Southern Sierras landscape is unlike the mountain range the rest of the world;

The forested regions are antique more geologically, with high and extensive wastelands in Cañar and Azuay and with very different wastelands in Loja's province. Here they place themselves only toward the Orient and they become a lesser altitude, less vast and with particular shrublike vegetation, all it wrapped up in the mystery of the evening fog.

Loja's wastelands are the reservorio of more important water for all the province, which characterizes it for hises fence of Cañar and Azuay are classically Andean, with a moderated climate and variety of cultivations, like fruit trees, corn, vegetables and pasture land, although the dry valleys and rustic farms, like the ones of Oña.

Azogues: The capital of the Cañar's province, a beautiful and gentle city,

one goes to the important centers of the famous straw hats, and knitted shawls. In Biblián, close by Azogues, a sanctuary exists on the rocks dedicated to the Virgin of the Dew. Close to Cañar's stately city, North, you find Ingapirca, spectacular Inca fortress, and important to Ecuador and the antique Tahuantinsuyo's to the North.

The Chirote's beautiful anto, bird of showy red color, will accompany you for the journey into Ingapirca. Somewhere near here is found the Inca's interesting Restroom. North of Cañar be the Lagoon of Culebrillas, with its ruins of stone and the Thick Walls in the legendary Inca trail.

Cuenca: Unesco World heritage site,

Cuenca is the third largest city in Ecuador and the capital of the Azuay province. It has unique architetural treasures. It is one of the most complete tourist destinations in Ecuador, sites of interest include the villages of Gualaceo and Chordeleg, both artisan centres where straw hats (mistakenly called panama hats), wood carving, weaving and hand made jewelry are made.

This area includes the eternal sprintime valley of Paute, several country inns are found here offering great places to relax, one of the best known is Uzhupud. Sigsig, is a small colonial style village where you can also see the straw hat weaving art and find the caves of Chobshi where archaeological ruins dating to the first inhabitants of the continent can be found dating back 11.000 years. Nearby is Cubilan hill, the borderline between Azuay and Loja provinces.  Nearby Cuenca is the small town of Baños de Duran, here you will find hot springs with medicinal properties. Cajas National Park is a unique ecosystem just outside of Cuenca with around 200 boxed high andean lakes and great scenery.

Loja the south centinel,

Home to the Saraguro people in its northern end, an important cultural and ethnical center for the Saraguro indigenous tribe, well known merchants and artisans. Their costume is particular. The city of Loja, at the basin of the Zamora river is the main city in the South end of Ecuador; also one of the best organized, traditional gentleman customs are still alive and colorfull. The Reinaldo Espinosa botanic garden at Argelia park is an important attraction. In loja the main sites are: the Cathedral, the churches of Santo Domingo, San Sebastian and San Francisco, the altar, the city doors. Also a good place for sports and outdoor activities is Jipiro park with soccer fields, basketball courts, skating rink, bicycle trails, swimming pool, water park, camping area, gardens, orchid farm and a mini zoo where you will find the famous Loja Jiraf. Close to Loja is the Podocarpus National Park, one of the most important wildlife reserves in Ecuador. It is a water generator and helps preserve a very important variety of  animals and plants, many endemic (found nowhere else). Also nearby is Vilcabamba famous for its inhabitants living over 100 years of age (in average), considered a scientific mystery. The Virgen of Swans, close to the town of Catamayo is venerated by catholics from all over the country around mid August. The fabulous Petrified forest of Puyango is located between Loja and El Oro provinces on the road to the coast.


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