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Ecuador travel south Andes festivals

Southern Andes celebrations

Festival of the Inocent

Celebrated the first week of the year in Cuenca. Parades, costumes, floats and live music.

Festival of the Crosses

Celebrated May 2nd, starts off 8 days of festivities for the...

Corpus Cristi

Processions, town bands and fireworks. In Cuenca there is a traditional sweets pedestrian mall.

Virgen del Cisne (Virgin of the Swan)

Mid August, the procession from the sanctuary to Loja lasts 3 days.

Foundation of Cuenca

November 3rd. Cultural events, parades with floats and themes.

El Pase del Niño (Baby Jesus the Traveller)

End of December all around the Andes. Parades, processions, special mass, etc.

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