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Ecuador travel Tungurahua food

Tungurahua Food


Pumpkin pones:pumpkin cooked mixed with cornmeal, eggs, pig's lard, yeast and cinnamon. They roll into sheet of canna and they broil in a firewood oven.


Barley sugars and Taffies: honey sweets of gray hair cooked in bronze and next stretched within reach large frying pan, using a metallic hook nailed in the wall. They are elaborate to the visitor's sight.


Llapingachos or tortillas with sausage of central market: They are made of  cooked potato mixed with cheese, amassed and next fried in pig's lard with annatto tree. They take a serving with sausage, fried egg, agaucate, leghuga and encebollado

Cuyes roasted: Accompanied of cariucho and potatoes with peanut sauce.

Jucho:Drink made with calabur tree, apple, pear, duranzo and claudia.  It is served in the party of the Flowers and the Fruits.

Plain chocolate of Ambato: Pure chocolate of the Coast to prepare milk chocolate and another sweets,.


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